A week's gone by since Jared Loughner fired 30 rounds into a Safeway supermarket crowd gathered to hear Gabby Giffords, Congresswoman from Tuscon, AZ, and we've all been exposed to various political pundits' takes on what can be done to prevent another senseless gun attack on innocent people. Many voices have placed blame on the Tea Party for inspiring the 22 year-old lunatic to commit the act he did last Saturday morning. I'm not going to do that, although I'll say one thing about Sarah Palin's speach about the issues concerning Arizona that's been broadcast all week on the nightly news: She's not responsible for this in any way whatsoever. However, placing a bullseye on a state on a map to make a point during a political speech is careless at best, unwise at worst, and misleading somewhere in the middle of it all. A foolish, third-grade "show-and-tell" type action and a strategy unbecoming of someone seemingly preparing to run for the nation's highest office in 2012.

President Obama is enjoying a surge in his approval ratings after a flourish of activity at the end of December (53%, NBC Nightly News, 1/14/11). But I want to backtrack to a tme before he took office. The Assault Rifle ban expired in 2004; Senator Obama supported renewing the ban. During the primaries, however, both Obama and chief rival Hillary Clinton avoided tackling gun control issues like the Bubonic Plague and Black Death wrapped all in one. The only legislation on the issue he has proposed and approved of as president allows people to transport guns on Amtrak rails, and you can carry a firearm into a national park. The Brady Gun Control Coalition gives him all "Fs" on the topic.

Currently 33 states allow citizens to purchase firearms (from handguns to assault rifles) from private owners, whether it be at a gun show or in someone's living room, without any sort of background check or license. You do the math. The Second Amendment states that a citizen has the right to bear arms when involved in a "well-regulated militia," in other words, when enlisted in the National Guard as regards to our times.

The President doesen't want to piss off the NRA before the 2012 election. He did advocate change during his history-making campaign, yet, regarding the disarming of our nation, he's maintaining a safe stadstill.



Sun, 16 Jan 2011 11:32:36

I want to see if this works before I write anything.


Sun, 16 Jan 2011 12:23:21

Wow, you were right. I made up a website and it worked. I really didn't think it would.

With the gun thing, I'd never owned one. My brothers do and I know people that make their own bullets. I collect weapons which was fine when I was a teacher, know I just look psychotic. People ask, "Why do you have a mase hanging on the wall?" I liked it and bought it.

Years ago I lived next to the music teacher at the school I taught at. We lived in school housing and I must have lived next door to him for fifteen years. He was a nice guy but a nervous guy. He shifted his weight a lot and almost had a tick.

He had many misfortunes which I found amusing. There was a house down around the corner for the mentally ill. They had four doors in the house but they were locked up at night so the patients couldn't get out.

Eventually a new person was hired and she didn't really understand that although these people have problems that they have a mind and think. This one guy figured he could tape the lock shut so he could sneak out at night.

He ended up braking into people's houses and eating their food. He must have been very quiet since when my dog's sneeze it wakes me up.

Eventually he broke into the music teacher's house. According to Lou the guy was in his kitchen in a purple sweat suit, with the fridge open eating salmon and mayonnaise. They both screamed and the guy in purple ran out the back door.

A few days later a friend came over for a beer and said. "You know Lou bought a gun." I said, "So what?" He replied, "You know how nervous he is and how thin these walls are. If he's cleaning his gun and you're watching TV, he can shoot you." I said, "Damn, I never thought of that."

I am so for gun control and background checks. I also think they should do a psychological check.


Tue, 19 Apr 2011 17:44:35

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